Staffing Difficulties in the Healthcare Profession According to Brian Torchin

The hiring process for any company is crucial, but in the healthcare profession, it is important that the right people are hired to provide their patients with quality healthcare they deserve. Other than direct healthcare professionals, a healthcare facility cannot run without several other types of positions, besides medical ones.

Those in the healthcare profession use their own language, and it can be difficult find the right person to work for a healthcare facility. However, even though it is important to fill positions, hiring the wrong person could be devastating to the productivity and patient care standards of the facility.

General recruiters are not equipped to help a healthcare facility with their hiring process, due to the uniqueness used in their profession. They don’t usually have the knowledge or experience to understand the deep inner-workings of healthcare facilities. However, professional recruiters understand the healthcare industries special hiring needs and hurdles. Read this article at about Brian Torchin

Founder of HCRC a Professional Recruiting Firm

Brian Torchin understands the needs of the healthcare profession, and his professional recruiting firm specializes in recruiting for the healthcare profession. They have a lot of excellent consulting resources that they offer their clients for no extra cost. This provides their clients with the secure feeling of a partnership that is lasting between them and their professional recruiter.

Professional Recruiters and the Hiring Process

Depending on the facility’s geographical area, they could receive as many as 250 or more resumes for a single position. Most healthcare facility HR departments are not able to handle that volume of resumes efficiently. Therefore, hiring a professional recruiter to help oversee this process could be extremely beneficial to the facility.

These professionals can supervise the entire hiring process. Plus, they are usually well-known in their community, which provides them with large pool of applicants to reach out to for the position being sought.

When using a professional recruiter, what happens if they recommend the wrong person to be hired? Since the facility used a professional recruiter, they will not have to restart the hiring process all the way over. They will still have all the information available to them to pick another candidate that might work better with the facility than the person they first hired. Visit SlideShare to know more.

Professional Recruiters’ Networks

Whenever working in an industry, networking with like-minded companies and people is always a plus. Torchin understands this, and he has incorporated this knowledge into his recruiter business. He also knows that healthcare organizations focus on patient care and not community outreach. Hiring a professional recruiter will help to extend a firm’s network of candidates to those of the recruiter, because it is there job to network in the industries to make contacts that will lead to qualified applicants for their clients.

Importance of confidentiality

Some companies believe that hiring a professional recruiter might cause confidentiality issues. However, this is not true. By hiring a professional recruiter, the healthcare organization will not have to post their job positions on public forums, like websites and job boards, which can cause the position to be posted prior to the desired date. Using professional recruiters will also help to keep the job position a secret from internal employees until the facility wishes for them to know about it. Visit:


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