Jeff Yastine solves the Kennedy accounts mystery

Jeff Yastine is not just a former financial reporter. He is a former financial reporter who had an opportunity to interview some of the greatest minds in the field of finance and took their advice to heart. He is a successful investor who has an eye for under the radar investment opportunities. As a journalist, it was his job to come up with new, exciting and profitable investment opportunities for his viewers. He searched across the country and markets to find companies with incredible growth potential and presented them to his viewers as the next best thing. This skill he still uses in writing and editing the newsletter total wealth insider. Read more at to learn more about Jeff Yastine

There are many investment opportunities that are not exploited. The Kennedy accounts, for instance, are an opportunity that allows Americans to make millions out of a few hundred dollars. Jeff Yastine did research on the account when few people called them a scam online. After doing his investigation, he found out that the people who called the accounts a scam did so because of two reasons; the accounts allowed their holders to make over 100% in returns- which they found suspicious and had been bitten before while investing, so they are scared.

For those wondering what Yastine’s stand on the Kennedy accounts is, his research show they are legitimate. He says the concern most people have about the high returns the accounts give is because they do not understand how they make money. The Kennedy accounts are registered as direct stock purchase plans. This that the accounts allow its holders to purchase stock directly from the company. The account holders therefore get to save millions in cash in terms of brokers’ fees. Apart from eliminating the stock broker, when an account holder buys stock, the Kennedy accounts allow him to get the stocks at a discount. This means that they get returns that are above the market price. This explains for the quick, massive returns the accounts grant their holders. Visit Jeff Yastine on Facebook for more updates.

Jeff Yastine says that part of the reason why the profitability of the Kennedy accounts has remained under the radar for so long is the big dogs on Wall Street have fought it so hard. They have spent millions of dollars to legally prevent companies that offer their stocks for direct purchase through the Kennedy accounts from announcing themselves publicly. As a result, many investors have no idea these accounts exist. Watch:

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