The Big Banks Igor Cornelsen Says You Should Know In Brazil

Brazil is a country that offers just about everything to investors with an always thriving tourist industry, being a rich agricultural land, a strong manufacturing country and a financial sector that’s quite diverse. It is coming out of some unfavorable economic times where credit and inflation took off, and certain policies by former President Dilma Roussef made it difficult for foreign investments in the nation. But with current President Temer working to change all that, Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen says now is a good time for foreign investors to expand their portfolios into Brazil. There are still challenges to overcome in doing this, but it’s well worth the effort Cornelsen says. Read this article at to know more.

To get started investing in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen suggests becoming familiar with Brazil’s banks. He himself has been in management at some of these banks and he says the key players are ItauUnibanco, Banco Bradesco, Caixa Economica Federal, Banrisul, BTG Pactual and Citibank Brazil. Among his advice to investors, Cornelsen said everyone should know which banks have seen positive growth, and which ones allow investments that deal in foreign exchange. The government has tight control on the authorization of foreign exchange and investors will need to do their research on which banks can get them past this. Cornelsen also says it’s a good idea to build networking relationships among entrepreneurs down in Brazil because they can help you out with making investments. And finally you just need to be ready to deal with regulatory red tape since the country is still stabilizing.

Igor Cornelsen spent many years in Brazilian investment banking and holds a bachelor’s degree from the Federal University of Parana. He worked at ItauUnibanco, Multibanco which is now defunct, and later Libra Bank PLC. He not only had a high acumen for investing and guiding millionaire and billionaire clients in their wealth management, but also offered his insights to Brazilian government agencies on how they could grow economic sectors and make trade competitive. Cornelsen is retired today, but he still does some consulting for boutique investment firms, and he publishes blog posts sometimes on buying stocks and investing in mutual funds.



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