Clayton Huston’s successful business

Clayton Hutson is a business owner and entrepreneur. His business consists of giving services to musical artists and event arrangers. Hutson went to a college where he took up theater design. He later proceeded to find work in companies in the live music industry which led him to become a project manager. Hutson continued to improve in his expertise of work and later he built a company that produces, manage and designs spectacular concerts. Clayton particularly works within the rock music genre. Hutson’s success has managed to get him to work with very well known, popular artists such as Pink, Kid Rock and many more!



In the early 2000’s the band Garbage did a world tour that was named “Bleed Like Me” where they traveled throughout multiple parts of North America, Europe, and Australia. Hutson was amongst the amazing opportunity wherw he was their monitor engineer and traveled with the band as well. In recent years he’s also worked with One Republic on their “Honda Civic Tour” on this tour he managed the operations with the automatic rigging system. This caused him to get to travel again throughout North America and this time Asia.


Clayton took the time to also do an interview while on tour with One Republic.


The reason behind starting his own business? Learn more:


On his old employments he gained the knowledge on marketing and other business skills. After seeing how the recession affected his old employer that’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and start his own company.


How does he always get new business and clientele?


Clayton works hard and focuses on good detail. He also puts in a great deal of hours. Doing this improves his rep amongst artists and performers who loves someone dedicated and professional. It also helps him get recommendation from those artist to other musicians that may need his services.



What good habits has helped the success of Huston’s business?


He always pays attention to details and constantly looks out for any mistakes that could be of danger or mess up the quality of the shows. Any huge mistakes could severely damage his career. He makes sure that he is well prepared for every show. Detailed planning also helps him while managing the crew and improving his productivity and being efficient. He stays organized by listing each task he needs to get done even the small stuff that might not seem important, he takes care of because he knows that if you ignore anything it can cause major problems. He also Invisions every single event in his mind.



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