Meet Ted Bauman: He’s the Editor of the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club newsletters for people looking to learn about finance and wealth.

Ted Bauman is the Editor of the Bauman Letter and began with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Mr. Bauman has held the role of editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club, which are part of Banyan Hill Publishing. Mr. Bauman’s fortes include asset protection, privacy, and investment strategies that involve low risk. Visit Ted Bauman on Facebook for more updates

The Bauman Letter, a 16-page, monthly newsletter, provides his readers some important tips, like ways to gain, or maintaining their wealth. This newsletter is made up of six sections. The first section is written by Ted Bauman, the second section is titled, “Forbidden Knowledge.” The third section is titled, “Unfiltered Insider.” Both the second and the third sections are written by a different member of the Council of Experts. The fourth section, the “Chairmans Corner,” includes input from Ted’s father, and founder of the service, Bob Bauman. The fifth section of the newsletter, “Your Voice,” includes pertinent questions and comments from their newsletter subscribers. Ted Bauman wraps up each issue with a “Final Thoughts” section.

Ted Bauman’s educational background includes post-graduate degrees in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Mr. Bauman has also served for 25 years in many different positions as part of the non-profit sphere. His primary role in non-profits was as a fund manager in the area of lower-cost housing projects. Bauman also hatched, Slum Dwellers International, an initiative that has helped 14 million people in 35 countries.

Mr. Bauman has also worked in a consultancy role, writing profusely about subjects that he deemed important. Bauman’s subjects of interest included finance, and housing and urban planning. Some of his clients included the government of South Africa, and agencies in Europe that created grants. Bauman has also been a consultant on housing and development topics for the World Bank and the United Nations.

Ted Bauman was born in the Washington, D.C., area, but grew up on the Eastern Shore. Bauman eventually moved to South Africa, where he lived as a young man. Related :


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