Kevin Seawright Brings Christmas Joy To Children And Adults In Philadelphia

The 2017 Christmas season in Philadelphia was made brighter by a toy drive and luncheon sponsored by Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions. The event was held at Christ Haven Pentecostal Church with more than 200 children from infants to teenagers in attendance. These children received toys that they probably would not have received. In addition to the children, there were hundreds of adults who enjoyed the day and an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with friends.

Many saw this day as a chance to establish close community ties that may have been missing in the past. Everyone enjoyed a great meal. While the children were treated to wide variety of toys to take home, the adults interacted, making new friends and connecting with old friends. The children had the opportunity to participate in many activities which allowed them to make new friends with other children from across the city of Philadelphia.

This was not the first toy drive by RPS Solutions led by Kevin Seawright. He has made his company a leader in providing the type of event that brings joy to a community. RPS Solutions is about empowering individuals through home ownership which is affordable. Kevin sees these charitable events and his company as providing economic freedom. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

His partnership with Christ Haven was no accident. The church has always been a leader in providing a space for community events that reach out beyond the walls of the church. The mission of the church includes events such as this that make Philadelphia a good community and place to live and raise children.

Events such as this toy drive and meal show how a private business and a church can combine resources for the good of the community. Philadelphia is a better place because of this event. The ramifications of this get together will go on far beyond Christmas. Adults have new friends and renewed ties with old friends. Children have toys and new friends. Everyone who attended this event will cherish their fond memories. Kevin Seawright and Christ Haven will sponsor this type event in the future due to the success of this day. Read more: Increasing Baltimore Homeownership is Goal of RPS Solutions New Partnership with National Community Stabilization Trust

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