Who is Gregory Aziz?

After its purchase by Gregory J Aziz, National Steel Car gained steam towards becoming one of the worlds most renowned freight car manufacturers. Gregory Aziz is the president of National Steel Car. More technically he is the leader of National Steel Car as the Chief Operating Officer and chairman. The company he leads today, now has over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, and therefore ensures quality. Over the years, National Steel Car, has earned the acclaim of becoming North America’s leading railroad, freight, and tank car manufacturer.


National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Ontario and is one of the world’s premier freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. Gregory Aziz majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. In looking at National Steel Car’s website we can see that they consider themselves industry leaders in the services which they provide. They also ensure their customers high quality rail car construction, boasting their ISO 9001 certification which was received in 2015, as well as their annual TTX SECO award, which they have received consecutively for more than a decade.


National Steel Car has grown today to employ a team of 2000 member. In their credo, they see it a point to honor the traditions of the past while moving forward with determination, and to always lead. In looking at this credo we can 1also see that National Steel Car, under the leadership of Gregory Aziz, find themselves to be innovators in the freight car engineering industry. Gregory Aziz has been with National Steel Car for 24 years, being from January of 1994 to the current. He is listed as being born in Southwestern Ontario on April 30th, of 1949.


There was a point after his schooling where Aziz went on to join his family’s wholesale food business. Greg Aziz was able to help grow his family’s company over sixteen years to become a worldwide importer of fresh foods. After this Aziz was able purchase National Steel Car from ArcelorMittal Dofasco, as steel company, after a run on Wall Street in 1990 as an investment banker. The sale was completed in 1994. James Aziz’s vision with the purchase was to transform the Canadian company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer. In retrospect we can see that over the years, Aziz, met this goal with National Steel Car.


He built National Steel Car into a leading railroad freight car manufacturing company in North America, which boasted engineering capabilities, as well as various aspects of manufacturing capability being the increase from 3,000 cars annually at the time Aziz purchased the company, to 12,000 cars annually by 1999. See Related Link to learn more



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