Ian King Continues to Educate Those Interested in Crypto Trading

Over the past few years, one of the biggest stories in the world of finance has been the increased interest in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. During the year of 2017 alone, people who invested in the coin early on could have seen their investments increase by 1,000% or more. One individual that has continued to be a big proponent of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is Ian King Banyan.

For the past few years, Ian King has managed his own portfolio of investments in the digital currency industry. He has had a very strong insight and knowledge about all of the new coins that have opened and has made some great moves for his portfolio. Prior to managing his own portfolio of crypto assets, King was also a manager for a hedge fund, which gave him the experience to better assess and analyze a wide variety of different markets and investment options. Visit to know more about Ian King.

While he has been a very successful investor and manager, King has also done a lot of work to share his experience and successful track record with others. For the past few years, King has also been a writer and publisher. He has written a wide variety of different articles that have been posted on some of the top websites including Investopedia and Seeking Alpha. He has also recently written a book called the Crypto Profit Trader, which teaches people how to trade in the market when it seems to be very volatile.

Beyond writing for other websites, King has also been a major contributor to Banyan Hill. In his role at Banyan Hill, which is a leading online finance publication, King has done a great job of writing articles that have provided many different investors with insight into the crypto markets and overall financial markets. This has helped many people make more informed decisions when investing. View:


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