The Anti-Aging Field from Jason Hope’s Perspective

A modern-day entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor in the medical technology industry is Jason Hope. He currently runs his technology business in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he also attended college at Arizona State University to receive his finance degree and later on completed his Master’s in Business from the same school.

He is a Philanthropist with passion to give back to his community.

His contributions to tech development company aimed at anti aging research is known as the SENS Research Foundation. Their mission is to end age related diseases. They are headquartered in California and are currently working on new medicines to repair aging illnesses. The foundation also has other opportunities including student programs, summits, conferences, speaking and general advocacy.

According to Jason Hope, his organization takes on a different approach. They are focused on “finding cures, and breaking down the body”. He wants to develop science that is innovative and modern, while creating an image and sense of community for foundation.

In 2017, Jason gave back to a relative charities that fought the aging process, aid in the development of medication known as “AGE-Breakers” that affects a human’s skin and veins. Additionally, his contribution was in the amount of $500,000 which e hoped would be a success. The talented investor also reached out to Aubrey De Grey, who is the leader and CEO of SENS foundation, to discuss the same goals they have.

Jason Hope and his encouragement to others is to participate in your own organization to get involved by taking the following steps: finding your passion, figure out your location, access to time and money, and research. With these steps, you too can achieve your goals and by getting involved with your community you can get involved on only matters that are important, spread the word to younger generations and promote the concept of new ideas.

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