Jordan Lindsey Company Provides Working Capital To A Range Of Businesses

Jordan Lindsay’s company, JCL Capital Solutions, provides capital to a range of businesses. These businesses include those trying to raise money for their Initial Coin Offering, or ICO for short. Speaking of ICO’s, here is what is trending this year, as well as more information about Jordan Lindsay.

ICO: What Is Trending

Perhaps the trend that will continue throughout the rest of this year and next year is product funding via ICOs. The truth is that companies that have an existing company are more successful than those with an idea and a whitepaper. Gone are the days of ICOs being confined to the IT industry.

These days sectors of all kind are using blockchain tech to facilitate various activities. This includes the healthcare industry and NGOs. The bottom line is more companies are expected to use the blockchain to bring their products to the masses.

About Jordan Lindsay

He is a businessman and a trader, as well as the founder of JCL Capital. Not only is he a highly skilled algo trader, but he founded a number of financial services. He taught himself how to program and he is experienced with systems architecture. One venture he has founded is Bitcoin Growth Bot, which is a trading bot for a lending program.

Jordan Lindsay is originally from New York. However, he has lived in a number of other countries, including Mexico, Argentina and Bosnia. As for education, he studied at St. Joseph’s College and at Mount Angel Seminary.

The businessman believes the key to productivity is planning ahead and then making sure he follows through with completing his tasks. Instead of writing down tasks that need to be done, he visualizes his list. He starts with the most crucial tasks of the day and works down his list. Besides planning ahead, he eats healthy and exercises his brain.

Businesses of all sizes can apply for working capital through Jordan Lindsay’s company. JCL Capital Solutions and Mr. Lindsay are reputable and trustworthy. Contact his company today to find out how they can help you secure the capital you need to start or grow your business.

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