Chenevert is Recognized for Great Work

Louis Chenevert is an excellent businessman who has used his inmate business skills to turn a hefty profit. It is hard for him to pick out any one skill that is greater than the others since they all work together to create synergy. He would credit his tremendous focus with the relentless need to follow up on the project as one of the most important. He would also cite his passion to create game changing products and his ability to stay eternally optimistic. The majority of his time was spent making sure the agenda of the company was being fulfilled and he had no time to spend on internal politics. The last main thing he did to make the company success was guarantee that the key operational executives had everything at their fingertips to get the results required.

He began working for the United Technologies Corporation as the chief executive officer in the year 2006. He would later be promoted to the role of the president in 2008. He would secure the triumvirate of business by becoming the chairman of the board in January 2010.

He relentlessly pursued excellence at his company and made sure that the United Technologies Corporation was producing game changing products. He was capable of doing this while consuming less water and producing fewer emissions. He would urge other companies to follow his example.

During his time at United Technologies Corporation he was able to gain contracts with the government and work on military aircraft. This led to the military propulsion segment being changed in the F135 engine. The GTF engine was also developed by the United Technologies Corporation. It is widely known for its longer life span and a 50% reduction in noise output. When you combine this with a 20% better fuel efficiency it is no wonder that the government wanted so many of these in their aircraft.

He will be awarded several recognitions from various entities. The Alma Mater HEC of Montréal gave him an honorary doctorate and he was proclaimed person of the year by both Aviation Week and Space Technology magazines.

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