Kevin Seawright is Looking Into New Housing For Everyone

Kevin Seawright is a financial expert and strategic strategist for Newark Economic Development Corporation. He has built a reputation around his economic strategies and leadership throughout the New Jersey area. His current title within the corporation is that of Vice President. His previous employment consists of accounts payable, budget management, payroll, and capital operations management. He graduated with a Masters of Business Administration degree in 2006 from Alameda University. Visit for more info.

Kevin joined the corporation in 2015 with the goal expanding economic development in the Newark area by attracting new business and implementing methods to help existing businesses maintain and grow. The corporation helps local business by providing tax breaks, discounted advertising options and growth opportunities for small business in the area.

Kevin Seawright serves not only as an active member of the business community but also in local government, real estate and youth activities. He serves as a mentor to the local African American community through the National Forum for Black Public Administration, The National Association for African American Accountants and also serves as a mentor for youth sports activities. He also serves as a board member for the Babe Ruth Museum. Kevin has strategic vision regarding serving his community on both a local business and community level.

With almost fifteen years of business expertise he has excellent knowledge and expertise that is a great benefit to the Newark community. He can be found actively on social media sites such as twitter, tumblr, and also on professional sites such as linkedin.

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