The Truthful Expert Analyst, Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Company a dealer investments involving long-term and special situations. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University. He has been able to work in various firms over the years which attest to his experience in investments and firms. His first company was Deursche Bank, where he dealt with high yield bonds and also worked on the bank’s non-investment debt. He then moved to Chanin Capital Partners, here he worked as an advisor to creditors in out of court and chapter 11 bankruptcy restructurings. After a while, Sahm Adrangi joined Longacre Fund Management where he was in charge of analyzing investments, just before founding his own company.

According to the Website, he issues a negative report on QuinStreet Incorporation, an online marketing company which was claimed to make its profits on a sham. Its revenues had been noticed to increase but then, Kerrisdale reported that, it is a low quality organization that uses internet clicks to boost its revenues while the management harvests the growth from single client. Additionally, Eastman Kodak Company, a company that majors in prints for commercial and imaging services announced to move to cryptospace, where they will use it to pay photographers.

Also, using blockchain technology, they will help to solve image copyright infringement. According to Kerrisdale’s, investment officer, Sahm Adrangi, the company was doing so in order to avoid collapsing. Another thing, he believes that the use of blockchain in the imaging is tiring and inefficient which one cannot do if they are in a good status.

Furthermore, Sahm Adrangi reports that, the company might be able to realize a decline of its revenues which will be an eye opener to the investors seeking to join the company. From the United States of America reports that followed, it was clear that Kodak Company was unable to launch their new product as it awaited investors to vet. Sahm Adrangi is a truthful experienced analyst who seeks to educate people so that they make informed choices.

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