All about Flavio Maluf’s Storied Business Career

Flavio Maluf is the businessman acting as president of Eucatex companies. He is a man that believes that productivity during the work is the best efficiency tool for success in any business. Having worked in the company and gained the experience, he believes that it offers good deals and get a good reputation. This can only happen if you avoid exaggeration during working hours with other employs.

In the late days, the technology has brought the magical gadget referred to a phone which has been affecting working progress. Even though looking at messages or picking calls is necessary but don’t spend the whole time scrolling the gadget. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf believes in never losing focus on anything you plan to do. It looks like the most difficult thing to do but you have to be firm on it. As an entrepreneur, one has to work more so that to earn more especially when they are employed. Time is the factor to consider because they have to be there every time. This will bring progress in their business.

Flavio Maluf being the president of Eucatex Companies, says that there will be a combination of Eucatex companies with Duratex company. In business, there must be goals and targets and therefore by doing so, Eucatex will provide land for Duratex company. Duratex will then do the production of raw material near Duratexitapetinga unit where Eucatex will benefit from their production lines for the thin wood sheets.

The area that Duratex intends to stay and the business to be done is worth R $ 60 million. The farm that is in Botucatu has approximately 280 employees who make a production of more than 200,000 M3 yearly. This is whyDuratex wants to resume their itapetinga factory. The deal was to happen in April.

It was wise for the president of Eucatex to issue the information to his workers in Botucatu regarding the deal they made with Duratex.

The business deal was to be approved by CADE. This deal will make Eucatex Company increase their fiber production by 70%, paint capacity by 30%, and printing paper by 40%. Visit:



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