Kevin Seawright Excels in Both Public Service and The Private Sector

Kevin Seawright’s career path shows that he is a prolific professional who is passionate about serving the public. He began his career as a public servant serving as the City of Baltimore’s Managing Fiscal Officer. He has moved on to hold multiple positions in Baltimore’s government. He also served as Finance Director for Baltimore’s department of housing, and the Chief Financial Officer of Baltimore’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

These experiences helped Kevin Seawright gain knowledge and experience that allowed him to change his career. In 2011 he moved to the private sector, serving as the Vice President of Operations for a Washington D.C area construction company, Tito Contractors. After a short return to the public sector, Kevin used his skills to start his own company. Read more at Markets Insider.

Kevin Seawright now operates Real Property Solutions (RPS), which is a Baltimore based company that builds and renovates residential properties. `RPS works toward the goal of stabilizing Baltimore neighborhoods by providing low cost housing. Mr. Seawright believes that the best way to make the Baltimore area better is to improve the people’s lives. This will lead to a more productive and united community.

Mr. Seawright uses social media to update the public and stay in the loop. He identifies himself on his Twitter page as a “Results-oriented, Effective, Creative and Innovative Motivator”. His tweets mostly serve to update the public on RPS and the company’s progress toward its goals.

One of Kevin’s most appreciated qualities is his unique vision and business sense. This has led him to success in public service and the private sector as an entrepreneur . He is able to identify goals, help the entire team achieve them, and move on to the next goal. This is one of the most valuable aspects of a good businessman and a good leader. Mr. Seawright has dedicated his professional career to service and continues to do so in both the private and public sector.



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