How Ted Bauman Came To Write For Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing started out as being called The Sovereign Society. They help subscribers around the world invest their money and protect their assets as well as their privacy. They offer more than 400,000 daily readers a way to invest globally, diversity their U.S. dollar holdings, both create and run an offshore bank account, obtain second citizenships, and otherwise take control of their lives particularly when it comes to finances. They took on the name Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 when the company was rebranded. Check this article at to know more about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is an economist by training who has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He graduated from college in the United States before moving to South Africa around 1985. He helped develop the policies that this country took in the wake of ending apartheid. This included developing both urbanization and economic policies and he also worked as a consultant as well. He served as a consultant to a number of countries in Africa as well as for the United Nations.

It was while Ted Bauman was in Africa that he started to write about financial matters. He published both research and commentaries in a number of globally read publications such as “Environment and Urbanization” and “The Journal of Microfinance”. He decided to move back to America in 2008 when a large Atlanta, Georgia nonprofit made him a job offer. He was their Director of International Programs for five years before deciding to start writing about investing on a full-time basis.

The Sovereign Investor Daily is a free daily financial newsletter produced by Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted Bauman writes for this as well as his own three newsletters. His first newsletter was Plan B Club. This publication walks people through the steps of getting a secondary citizenship and how to move overseas. There are a lot of opportunities for Americans living abroad which he reveals to his subscribers. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

Another newsletter he edits is Alpha Stock Alert. In this newsletter he provides stock recommendations to his readers. He bases these recommendations on the Alpha Code system. Ted Bauman says he developed this system himself plus help from experts on Wall Street. His last newsletter is The Bauman Report. This monthly publication is focused on showing subscribers how to preserve their wealth using personal, investing, and legal strategies. His goal with this publication is to help people hang onto both their wealth and their privacy so they can control their own lives. Read more:


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