Michael Hagele’s Career in Providing Outside Counsel for Companies

Michael Hagele has experience giving general counsel for a wide variety of technology related companies. The companies that he works with exist across several industries, including biotechnology, defense, internet and aerospace. In addition to serving as outside general counsel for these companies, Michael Hagele has also founded and invested in several different industries within the hospitality and restaurant industries, making him a well-rounded professional.

Inside the fields of international and domestic internet, software, hardware and telecommunications, Mr. Hagele has racked up an impressive amount of experience when it comes to the drafting, negotiating and closing of various agreements regarding licensing distribution and development. Additionally, Haegele has also gained experience with a wide array of different commercial agreements relating to companies in the technology sector. These include marketing and promotional agreements and intellectual property purchases.

Before working with technology companies, however, Michael Hagele previously counseled many internet companies that were backed by venture capital. While working with these companies, Mr. Hagele’s responsibility was to manage their legal affairs. This included employment issues, corporate governance, intellectual property strategy, administering stock option plans and monitoring acquisition and merger activities. Before working performing these tasks, Hagele worked in Silicon Valley with Fenwick & West LLP. There he worked in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. Mr. Hagele received his education from the University of Iowa and the University of California at Berkeley.

Michael Hagele has commented on his ability to bring his visions into reality, saying that tenacity is of great of importance. He emphasized the importance of not giving up. The optimal results, according to Hagele, are produced by challenging current assumptions and taking advantage of any new opportunities and information as soon as they are accessible.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Michael Hagele believes that putting the customer first is vital for success. An entrepreneur’s purpose to to serve the clients’ interests in the best way possible and, ultimately, improve their lives. View:


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