Better Campaign Results through NGP VAN Software

A new startup in 1997 with the name of Voter Activation Network is now raising big stakes for political advocates across the nation by their proprietary software that connects voters with their campaign officers. Long gone the day of a clipboard and fill in punch card. The cellular phone and app have changed the Political demographic and the way prospective voters are met and considered as potential party affiliates.

NGP VAN has helped many political campaigns organize and keep their political campaigns organized. NGP VAN offers many desktop and phone apps which also help those working in the political field organize their contacting leaders and ground workforce, as well as potential voters.

Today there is so much information that political campaigns have to sort and process that it is essential to have everything in the cloud to access and use immediately and at the right moment. Data and algorithms help drive a political campaign forward.

Data collected in the field is immediately available to campaign officers and coordinators in the office. Both field worker or canvasser and office coordinator can work simultaneously together to build a stronger and more close-knit effort in finding candidates who show promise in carrying the values of the political candidate.

NGP VAN makes it possible for a political staffer to use the data available without having to spend time on how it is retrieved. For example, ActBlue, by NGP VAN, makes it easy for political managers and staff to access who has contributed to the parties campaign fund. In turn, this allows the campaign coordinators to spend more time on other sources for contributions and to respond appropriately to those who have contributed.


Phone Tools


NGP VAN also offers four phone tools which make a campaign run more efficient. Predictive Caller dials numbers automatically for those making person-to-person calls. The predictive caller makes sure you reach only people who are ready to talk on the phone. Predictive Caller speeds up the screening process from door-to-door canvassing. Four to five times as many voters can be contacted thru person-to-person calling than door-to-door knocking.

RoboCall, RoboSurvey, and LiveCall all work similarly to Predictive Caller. Each tool either puts each campaign worker in touch with possible voters, connects with them for a brief survey or allows the campaign to upload a list of calls to a call center for later processing. In short, NGP VAN is making it easier to organize and run and campaign.

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