One of the rapidly growing publishers of independent investment advice is Banyan Hill Publishing. It has an audience of almost half a million readers who are on the constant lookout for potential investment opportunities. Its focus is usually on income-producing investments, undervalued companies among many others. Founded in the late 1990s, it grew rapidly to be known for its investment organization and as a leading global asset protector. Individual sovereignty and self-reliance are the values in which it operates under. One of the services that it offers to its followers are tips dealing with global investment strategies. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

In 2013, a United States trained economic professional by name Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing. He serves there as the editor of The Bauman Letter among many other roles. His life involves assisting people to lead a financially free life away from corporate and government greed. This helps people make grow their wealth to ensure financial freedom. Still, in his early 20s, Ted Bauman immigrated to South Africa where he graduates with a postgraduate degree in economics and history from one of the leading universities in South Africa.

By working as a consultant in both the African and European governments, Ted Bauman has traveled in several countries, and this has enabled him to learn the workings of politics and economics in different societies. His exposure has also enabled him to publish research journals in international institutions. After returning to the US, he has used his knowledge as an economist to access sustainability and effectiveness in organizations

With a fluctuating market, investors are always on the lookout to ensure that they are not hit financially. This can only be done by visiting an advisor in charge of financial issues or make their individual decisions. In the end, these decisions usually have a great financial danger. A better alternative for protecting wealth is usually offered by Banyan Hill Publishing regarding investments. The investors who work there are exposed, experienced and advised a lot of prominent personalities on successful investment ventures. This has enabled them to have control over their finances. The professionals’ ability to analyze technically, plan financially has enabled people to grasp concepts that enable them to have more financial success with few risks.

The experts can offer information on a wide scope of issues covering a wider range of opportunities that involve protection of wealth. Theirscope is varied and is ever updated with the current changes in the technological world. Helping followers have in hand their financial prowess and live dream lives is their aim. Learn more:


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