The Mind-Opening Book by Nick Vertucci

Nick is an author of his latest book ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.’ The book acts as a guide and journal as it has the challenges he went through and directions to follow in real investment to gain financial wealth. Nick has four steps that he calls the key to success. The first one is having a clear picture of what you want secondly followed by believing in yourself. The third step is creating the plan and finally executing their ideas so that they can come alive. He emphasizes the decisions that the entrepreneurs make affect which direction the business will head. His book is very inspiring and motivating as it has many lessons to learn from and shows how he corrected his past mistakes to become a multi-millionaire.

What makes Nick Vertucci’s book a success is what that is contained in it. It has his own life story so the reader can be sure that whatever is written is not fiction and bluff. He rose from poverty to success, failed and rose again. Many people think that success comes only once, but Nick’s story brings in the perspective that it is okay to fail, but you have to rise again every time you do. Nick grew up in a humble beginning, and he struggled a lot when his father died when he was only ten. It reached a point of living in his car when he was eighteen years old because he could not make ends meet. Nick however did not the situation put him down as he started a company where he sold computer parts. This little success did not last for him as the industry crashed in 2000 and the only value he had was his home. Nick Vertucci joined the real estate, and for more than ten years, he spent learning the ins and outs of it. He felt need to share the knowledge he had accumulated to help others succeed and that is why he started ‘Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy’ (NVREA).

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was set up in 2014, and they provide education on asset protection, commercial investments, rehabbing and flipping contracts among many other subjects that teach the students how to achieve their goals while investing in real estate. The concept of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is ‘wealth is waiting’ and what they teach is how to extract it. The school has one branch currently in Orange County, California. Get a copy of ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed’ and move to get your wealth.

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