NGP VAN, The Leading Campaigning Software, Does Great Stuff – Here’s How

NGP VAN – the official name of NGP Voter Access Network – is the leading voter database of progressive and Democratic political campaigns across the United States of America. The company’s high-tech software is both easy to use for beginners and experienced political candidates; Barack Obama is arguably the most experienced, most popular Democratic candidates to have used NGP VAN – he used it in 2008 for his initial election into the Oval Office and for his re-election as the United States President over Republican foe Mitt Romney.

The aforementioned political software company was formed as a merger between NGP Software, founded by Nathaniel Pearlman in 1997, and Voter Activation Network, created four years after NGP Software by Mark Sullivan. Mr. Pearlman eventually became the chief technology officer of Hillary Clinton’s run at being elected to the coveted spot of United States President. Without the resounding success of the merger of NGP Software and Voter Activation Network intoNGP VAN, Nathaniel Pearlman unarguably wouldn’t have worked his way into an executive role in the information technology wing of the second-place campaign in the 2016 United States presidential election.

NGP VAN provides its users with many things, though one of its most sought-after capabilities is adding a healthy dose of figurative concentrated lighter fluid to the initial stages of Democratic, progressive, and even independent political candidates’ campaigns, in turn effectively allowing them to grow significantly faster than their competitors’ campaigns.

The technology that NGP VAN brings to the proverbial table advanced them into the future of politics. Rather than having to cut turf – sending groups of political campaign staffers to the properties of potential voters in areas that such candidates will be representing given they are elected by those constituents – or poll people in local or regional areas to gauge the opinions of constituents, NGP VAN taps into social media platforms and news media outlets to see what people are saying regarding particular political campaigns, candidates that such campaigns represent, and hot-button political topics so that people using NGP VAN are better able to make the right moves in conveying their interests to constituents so they turn off fewer potential voters, gain the support of more relevant voting constituents, and ultimately align the goals of their political campaigns with what they say, write, and otherwise portray.

Without NGP VAN, thousands of Democrats and progressives wouldn’t have won their posts.

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