Attorney Bruno Fagali’s Law Career

     Bruno Fagali is a lawyer who specializes in the fields of healthcare and business law. He graduated with a master’s degree in law from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. He is very experienced in many areas of law and uses his expertise to resolve problems his clients may have. Healthcare is a main focus for him, in that, he believes that all areas of the healthcare system in Brazil must be brought into compliance with state and local laws. He also works with clients in the fields of anticorruption, advertising and election laws. His dedication and hard work in these areas are a testament to his tenacity. If he feels there is an injustice somewhere, he will work tirelessly to right it. Bruno Fagali is admired by his peers for this dedication to the people of his country. He is a board member of several corporations and works with many charity organizations near his home.

Bruno Fagali has earned many accolades in his career, including many which deal with homelessness. This is a serious problem in the area where he practices law and he is dedicated to bringing about change in the welfare of these people. Providing good healthcare for the them is just one facet in this problem.

He has worked at several of the largest law firms in the country and has been the founding partner for a number of them. Bruno Fagali has learned a lot working at these different companies and this has helped him to better understand what his clients need. Since his work takes him in several different directions of law, he needs to constantly update his education in order to stay on top. He continues to earn certificates at workshops and in classes at all times. Many people say that he is as dedicated to his education as he is to his law practice.

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