Silence Children Molesters! Jeff Herman Shows You How

It is true that life has shaped human being to be busy most of the times in order to survive and that means you cannot be with your lovely kid 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nevertheless, you can protect your child from sexual predators and rapists who are always targeting innocent children just to violate them. Every child is vulnerable to abuse and mostly when a child is abused sexually, they tend to either keep quiet or let the whole thing become habitual or they just think it is something usual because they don’t realize they were abused. When your child is abused, you have an advocate who can help you bring to book that criminal, introducing Jeff Herman.

Jeff Herman has been one of the most important people in the lives of rape survivors, sexually abused and exploited; both adults and children. He has a track record of bringing into book those predators. Since prevention has always been better than cure, Jeff Herman has been giving quality advice to parents on how to educate their children on sex crimes, and rapist. According to this attorney, every parent has a responsibility of talking to their about the dangers of these molesters.

As a responsible parent, start speaking to your child about this topic at a tender age. Additionally, let them know the boundaries they are to set and the language they are supposed to use. Let them know which part of their body should be private and when to say “No” when they are uncomfortable around someone. Let them know that even their teachers, family members, friends, and coaches should not touch them intimately. Lastly, ensure you keep talking about this topic frequently to your child.

According to Jeff Herman, having a great relationship with your child is the first and the most crucial thing in enhancing trust and making sure they speak to you openly. Ensure no adult is contacting your child in an intimate way in their online accounts thus have accesses to them. Whenever you notice an abrupt change in behavior, regression, depression, fears, anger, and nightmares among others in your child, they could be indicators that he or she has been violated sexually. Just keep your child safe at all cost.

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