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Felipe Montoro Jens recently reported on the special meeting of the Brazil Inter-American Developments Banks Governors. The meeting chaired by Dyongo Oliveira, the country Minister of Planning, Developments and Management, emphasised on the needs of boosting the private investments infrastructure projects. The special meeting happened on 24th March 2018 with a central core of improving the investments of the private sector, and Minister Oliveira stressed that it’s vital to create financial guarantee mechanism that is capable for leveraging on the private sector investments and infrastructures for the Latin Americas. Visit to learn more

Felipe Montoro Jens, the infrastructure project experts, reported that the Minister proposed to the IDB to promote studies that offer enough points offering sufficient and effective resolutions on development risks management. Additionally, Dyongo advice IDB to facilitate various ways of leveraging of the region private investments and his sentiments supported by Luis Caputo Argentina, finance minister. Felipe Montoro Jens states that Luis Caputo is the chairman of IDB Board of Governors and believes that leveraging of the private investments of the Latin America regions and working together is the key to creating distributed wealth. Mr Garrido Spain Secretary of States for the Economy and Business Supports stressed on the dynamism of regional markets by highlighted Brazil as the Spanish investment priority country accounts Felipe Montoro Jens.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports that Minister Oliveira stated the need for the new private investments from different countries supported by IDB to embrace the 4.0 industry revolutions that are already coming. The challenge of building sanitation, roads, and provision of clean water and investing in the latest and new modern infrastructure is the key to promoting the 4.0 industrial revolution. Mr Luis Alberto Moreno the Inter-American Developments Bank President stated the challenged involved refers to the strategic convergence of the infrastructures that connects between the Latin America countries. Moreno emphasized the ability to adapt the new social demands, embrace the environmental sustainability and reinforced policies.

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