William Saito Is a Japanese-American Businessman and Venture Capitalist Embraces New Technology

William Saito is both a creator and the investor, and as a businessman currently working in Japan, he understands what entrepreneurs need to get going in the startup business niche. Many future startup companies can learn about his ideas on the topic of startups.

Mr. Saito, who is the CEO and Founder of InTecur, provides essential business advice for start-ups when it comes to risk management. InTecur, which is Tokyo-based technology consultancy firm includes corporate strategies, IT security, and the development of products.

Growing up in Walnut, CA, William Saito lived within close approximation to Silicon Valley during both the 1970s and the 1980s. For William Saito, living in Silicon Valley in California during this time has been deemed one of the most exciting times concerning the tech industry due to the adoption of personal computing for individuals and businesses. Because of Mr. Saito’s enthusiasm about technology, Saito’s science teacher recommended that he buy a personal computer to build his math and science skills up. Even though Saito was a first-generation American who was born to Japanese parents, he had to work on learning English growing up.

William Saito, in his book, An Unprogrammed Life, discussed the fact that when his parents purchased an IBM computer, he was very excited. Saito’s mother and father took out a second mortgage on their home to procure a $5,000 IBM computer. Saito’s high priced IBM computer that his parents bought for him became an addiction to him. Due to Saito’s curiosity, he decided to take this computer apart. This action drew anger from his parents, but as a preteen, he was able to teach himself how to put that computer back together. This experience, although terrifying, helped to build an interest regarding the more intricate parts and perspectives concerning software and computing.

Today, Intecur provides vital services to resellers and system integrators throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Saito’s company offers strategies for a security solution along with holding to their high standards. Intecur believes firmly in providing top customer support to its clients, customers, and stakeholders. Intecur makes an effort to assist its clients and customers with their security and networking services. Saito’s company also believes in helping during the lifecycle of a client’s project.

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