Great Alumni from the Academy of Art University


The movie Avengers Infinity War has broken multiple records making it the biggest opening weekend movie in history. Jan Philip Cramer, was head of animation at digital domain at the Academy of Art University. Cramer served as the animation supervisor for the movie. Cramer has contributed to many cinematic credits including Spider-Man: homecoming Deadpool, Avatar and much more. Cramer was happy that he studied at the Academy of Art University because they gave him well-rounded perspective on Art not just visual effects. In 2017, more than 50 alumni were recognized for leading roles in creation and production of films that received nominations such as the Golden Globe and the Oscars.

The Academy of Art University is an accredited, private for-profit art school in San Francisco, California. The university has an admission acceptance rate of 100%, yet only 7% graduate within 4 years. About 58% of the student body is female, 31% complete a four-year degree within 6 years, online the graduation rate is lower at 6%.

The Academy of Art University mission statement revolves around preparing its alumni in the field of communication design and the arts. The university provides an environment that is creative, supportive and challenging. There is personalized teaching and support services that assist students of diverse backgrounds and ages. The University operates in an urban setting, it intends to contribute to the cultural wealth of the communities represented in student demographics.

The university provides students access to many resources such as Career Services, a virtual bookstore, an Academy Resource Center, clubs, housing and much more. Students are given many resources to assist them in achieving great grades. Students would argue otherwise, that they learn more from Youtube videos than lectures from their professors. Students would argue that the university is very expensive and the admission rate is high in order for the University to gain more capital. These arguments would justify why students take more time to graduate and may skew them from doing so.


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