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The Kerrisdale Capital Management founder and investor – SahmAdrangi.

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He went to Yale University where he graduated with arts in Economics degree. He is a renowned speaker and investor whose contributions to the bank industry is felt within and outside the country. He is none other than SahmAdrangi-founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. In his financial contributions to Kerrisdale Capital Management that totaled to close…

Ricardo Tosto and the Brazilian law

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Among all careers in Brazil, law seems to attract hordes of young people with each dawn. Its popularity continues to increase not only among Brazilians but also across the world. There are many reasons behind that the main one is because its law originated from the Portuguese law and thus when combined with some of…

Who Will Step into the Big Shoes of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi when he Retires form Bradesco?

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Bradesco is planning to select the next chief executive candidate from the internal candidates of the company. Luiz Carlos is holding the position of chairman and CEO temporarily following the resignation of Lazaro Brandao who is the former chairman. The bank announced that Luiz Carlos would continue serving for the next two years, a decision…

Aloha Construction Finding Success in its Business Model

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With over 18 thousand completed projects in southern Wisconsin and Illinois, Aloha Construction is an embodiment of a family business scaling the heights of the American construction industry, residential segment. The company has offices in the Lake Zurich and Bloomington areas to be closer to its clients, the majority of whom are homeowners. However, it…

Luiz Carlos Trabuco will continue to implement strategic vision for Bradesco

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the 67 year old CEO of Brazilian banking conglomerate Bradesco, has recently announced that he will be promoted to the role of chairman of the board of directors. This latest move will mark yet another ascent up the corporate ladder of the bank, a process that began for Trabuco almost 50 years…

Greg Secker: Talking and Helping People in Concrete Ways

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  An interview was recently done with Greg Secker, the CEO of Learn to Trade, by CEOCFO Magazine. Secker is first asked about his basic philosophy. A part of his philosophy is “I am a why guy, I am a why not guy.” He is willing to try anything. He will try anything at any…

Talos Energy Begins Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

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At the end of May, posted an article detailing the creation of Mexico’s first private oil well in 80 years. This change was pushed forward by the country’s plan to increase the number of foreign competitors allowed to be part of their energy markets. The well, titled the Zama-1 well, was placed off the…

Bob Reina – a generous giver

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Bob Reina may not be a household, but he’s worth knowing something about. He is a long time lover of animals and has many himself. But that’s not what makes him notable. People should know Bob Reina because he not only cares for many animals himself, but he previously donated $250,000 to the Humane Society…

Securus Technologies Signs an Agreement on Stock Purchase Deal to Acquire JPay

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Securus Technologies serves as the provider of biometric analysis, investigative as well as monitoring tools for corrections in conjunction with law enforcement declared that it has a definitive stock purchase agreement to acquire JPay Inc. JPay is the leading provider of inmate emails, payments as well as tablets products.   This declaration was made close…

The Obsidian Energy Transformation And Its Role

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The prominence of Obsidian Energy is behind being among the medium-sized firms whose operation are in line with producing oil as well as natural gas. The fact that the business is Canadian adds up to its outstanding features. With its headquarters being Calgary, Alberta. Looking at the time that the company establishment took place, various…

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