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TED BAUMAN THE INVESTMENT MASTER. One of the rapidly growing publishers of independent investment advice is Banyan Hill Publishing. It has an audience of almost half a million readers who are on the constant lookout for potential investment opportunities. Its focus is usually on income-producing investments, undervalued companies among many others. Founded in the late…

Jordan Lindsey Company Provides Working Capital To A Range Of Businesses

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Jordan Lindsay’s company, JCL Capital Solutions, provides capital to a range of businesses. These businesses include those trying to raise money for their Initial Coin Offering, or ICO for short. Speaking of ICO’s, here is what is trending this year, as well as more information about Jordan Lindsay. ICO: What Is Trending Perhaps the trend…

Jeff Yastine: What You Need to Know About Government Regulations

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Jeff Yastine is not new in the finance department. The Banyan Hill publisher editor has been in this industry for a very long time, and he has earned a lot of expertise. In the recent times, Jeff Yastine has been using this knowledge to assist the people in the community. His articles have been praised…


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