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Gregory Aziz and His Incredible Work at National Steel Car

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Greg Aziz is the current President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car. Steel Car is in Hamilton, Ontario and is considered as one of the top railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies.   Greg and National Steel Car In 1994, Greg successfully purchased National Steer from Dafasco. In the late 1980s and early…

Bob Reina Loves His Company

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There is a difference between working somewhere because you love the company and working there because it is a way to make a living. For Bob Reina, he loves the company with all of his might and all of his soul. This is a passion project in every sense of the word for him and…

Don Ressler Helps Create Successful Companies Like JustFab

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Don Ressler has many years of experience as a prosperous businessman and has founded many start-up companies. His first success was, that was later bought by the company Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler partnered with Intermix’s COO to create Alena Media, an affiliate of Intermix Media. This was a division of Intermix that…

A Look At Communication Company Talk Fusion And Its Founder

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  What Is Talk Fusion? Talk Fusion is a communications company founded by Bob Reina. The story of Talk Fusion begins when email and video technology was fairly new. Bob Reina was then looking to purchase a new home for himself and his family. Seeing a home he liked but unable to send videos through…

Findings From A Survey On Hotel Real Estate

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Terry Baltes is among the top real estate agents. He has sold several properties. Terry Baltes is the Founder and current owner of Baltes Commercial Realty Limited. His company is a leading industrial real estate firm that deals with the sale of a wide range of property. Terry Baltes was born on August 21, 1950….

Bob Reina’s Initiative to Change the World

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  Changing the world takes a person who has the drive and motivation to help others. Humanity involves loving and caring. A simple donation goes a long way into helping unfortunate people strewn all over the globe access basic amenities to enable them to survive. Not everyone can afford a decent shelter, food, water and…

Bob Reina Networks the World Through Talk Fusion

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  The command of an idea is the ambition of innovation. Great things happen when an idea burns in the mind of one that doesn’t take no for an answer. Bob Reina is one of those people. He’s built his life around helping others from serving as a police officer to founder and CEO of…

How Does Kyle Bass Lead People Astray?

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Kyle Bass has been leading people astray for years because he is holding on his fame. The fame that he achieved by getting the financial crisis of 2008 right is not something that he has used very well, and now he is making sure that people are going to listen to him even if he…

How Will Shaygan Kheradpir Shake Up Coriant?

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  Shaygan Kheradpir has been named the CEO at Coriant because the company needs a shake up. Coriant has been combined from many different network companies to create a giant, but the giant needs to go in a new direction. The board wants to go in the direction of retail, but the company needs a leader that…

Status Labs’ CEO Darius Fisher Talks Employee Environment

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If you want to succeed in the world of business operating then you’ll need to cultivate a culture of employee happiness and hard work. Darius Fisher is the CEO of the online reputation management company Status Labs and he has more than a few tips on how to keep your employee work force from turning…


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