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The importance of Freedom Checks in bussiness

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It is not possible to have investment without paying taxes. In the United States, this came to be real . The government of United States under the forms of the governed executed this law of non-tax cash payment to shareholders of specific companies. However, freedom checks do not apply to all industries but to certain…

Talos Energy Begins Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

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At the end of May, posted an article detailing the creation of Mexico’s first private oil well in 80 years. This change was pushed forward by the country’s plan to increase the number of foreign competitors allowed to be part of their energy markets. The well, titled the Zama-1 well, was placed off the…

Talos Energy a Leading Oil and Gas Exploration Company in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast

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In a historic move, the Mexican waters have been opened for exploration by a private company something that has not been witnessed for the last 80 years. The drive is geared to ensuring that there is increased competition in the Mexican energy markets which has for 80 years been a monopolistic market. The private companies…


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