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Securus Technologies Signs an Agreement on Stock Purchase Deal to Acquire JPay

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Securus Technologies serves as the provider of biometric analysis, investigative as well as monitoring tools for corrections in conjunction with law enforcement declared that it has a definitive stock purchase agreement to acquire JPay Inc. JPay is the leading provider of inmate emails, payments as well as tablets products.   This declaration was made close…

A Company That Is On The Ball – Securus Technologies

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The public safety industry is a competitive field. There are a lot of companies that are in the business. The one that is in the lead is Securus Technologies. This company has clients all over the country, and one of them is the US government. They are contracted by the government to work in their…

Makes Changes for the Better

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The Better Business Bureau is the most trusted source when it comes to finding companies that are ethical and trustworthy. The BBB has set high standards that companies must meet in order to get the stamp of approval. It is no easy task to receive high marks from the BBB, but the companies who do…

Video Visits For Christmas

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Securus Technologies allows parents who are in jail to be there for their children at Christmas when it’s almost impossible. When a parent calls the child through the video system set up by the company, the child can see the parent. As the child gets up on Christmas morning, the child can tell the parent…

Discover The Benefits Of Securus Technologies For Your Inmate Calling

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Thousands of inmates and their families complain about the rising cost of correctional facility calls and are looking for an affordable quality solution. Staying connected can make all the difference in an inmate transitioning to the outside. Securus Technologies is a reliable solution for inmate calls. You can talk for a fraction of the cost…

Securus Technologies: Journey to Investigator Pro

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Securus Technologies has been founded with the sole purpose of providing people with some of the best communications services for corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies. One thing that Securus Technologies is very passionate about is improving the efficiency of the justice system in many different aspects of the industry. For one thing, they not…

ConnectUs Automated Forms Are Changing The Face Of Corrective Institutions

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Securus Technologies has already revitalized communication throughout the prison industry. They started in 1987 based in Texas. In the fullness of time, they’ve come to work with some 2,600 separate correctional facilities across the United States. The solutions they provide have streamlined operations and infrastructure across the country, and now this top-tier organization has developed…


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