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Ricardo Tosto and the Brazilian law

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Among all careers in Brazil, law seems to attract hordes of young people with each dawn. Its popularity continues to increase not only among Brazilians but also across the world. There are many reasons behind that the main one is because its law originated from the Portuguese law and thus when combined with some of…

Ricardo Tosto and the Brazilian Constitution

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After going through five years of school and having to pass a particularly hard test, people who want to practice law in Brazil are then able to do so. They need to make sure that they are doing things the right way and they do not get a chance to practice law if they stop…

Retaining an SEC Whistleblower Attorney

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Selecting a great SEC whistleblower attorney is imperative if you are deciding that you would like to become a whistleblower and report a violation to the Securities Exchange Commission. There are a lot more protections in place than in the past, and while there is no question that it is far safer to come forward…

Lawyers in Brazil Providing Best Legal Services

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Brazilian lawyers know what it takes to solve cases. When dealing with legal matters they know what the law states. From business startups to complex needs, lawyers in Brazil make handling legal matters a breeze. Help is provided in assisting foreign companies in the following fields: Internet, corporate law, probate and estate, and intellectual property….

A High Quality SEC Whistleblower Attorney Can Make All The Difference

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The 2008 economic slowdown was one of the greatest financial problems to hit the world, and eventually led to a change in the way the financial system in the U.S. is policed at federal level. The Dodd-Frank Act was enacted by the U.S. Government in a bid to make significant changes to the way the…

Abelow Will Help You File Your Family Documents

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You are planning your wedding and you have a few concerns. What happens to the house you already own, if you and your spouse get divorced. I know it is creepy to be thinking about a divorce while planning your wedding. Unfortunately, not everything goes as you plan. You can dream of that beautiful house…

Hiring a Qualified Family Law Expert to Help Divide Assets

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Dividing assets during a separation or divorce can be challenging. Some couples feel that all that is needed is a verbal agreement or a handshake. While it is true that one or both parties may be faithful to the agreement, it is much better for the dividing of assets to be formalized. Before this can…


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