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Gregory James Aziz Outstanding Leadership In National Steel Car

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Gregory James Aziz is an eminent pioneer who is behind the changes and accomplishment of National Steel Car. As of now, he is filling in as the CEO and the leader of the organization. The organization is an assembling plant managing railroad cargo autos. It is one of the biggest and perceived organizations in the…

Gregory Aziz and His Incredible Work at National Steel Car

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Greg Aziz is the current President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car. Steel Car is in Hamilton, Ontario and is considered as one of the top railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies.   Greg and National Steel Car In 1994, Greg successfully purchased National Steer from Dafasco. In the late 1980s and early…

A Look At Communication Company Talk Fusion And Its Founder

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  What Is Talk Fusion? Talk Fusion is a communications company founded by Bob Reina. The story of Talk Fusion begins when email and video technology was fairly new. Bob Reina was then looking to purchase a new home for himself and his family. Seeing a home he liked but unable to send videos through…

Bob Reina Networks the World Through Talk Fusion

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  The command of an idea is the ambition of innovation. Great things happen when an idea burns in the mind of one that doesn’t take no for an answer. Bob Reina is one of those people. He’s built his life around helping others from serving as a police officer to founder and CEO of…

How Wikipedia Fights Abuse And Promote Civility

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  Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that unlike traditional encyclopedias has editors who are volunteers. The pro to this is that Wikipedia has a very dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers who create and edit millions of articles into different languages. All of this is done for free, which supports the idea that Wikipedia’s…

How Will Shaygan Kheradpir Shake Up Coriant?

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  Shaygan Kheradpir has been named the CEO at Coriant because the company needs a shake up. Coriant has been combined from many different network companies to create a giant, but the giant needs to go in a new direction. The board wants to go in the direction of retail, but the company needs a leader that…

Shaygan Kheradpir Returns To The Technology Industry With Coriant

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The technology industry has recently seen the return to the boardroom of one of its best known figures in the shape of Shaygan Kheradpir. Fierce Telecom reports Kheradpir has been handed the role of CEO at technology startup Coriant, which has been growing at a rapid rate since being spun out of the telecommunications giant…


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