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Reducing Conflict

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The world is full of conflict in many areas. No matter how hard people try, there are always going to people who want to be violent. Violence is especially prevalent in places like Africa. This is a continent with a huge amount of land, and various countries are there with people who do not get…

Alexandre Gama; Advertising, Music and Cars

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Alexandre Gama is the CEO, CCO and the founder of Neogama. This advertising agency in Brazil is among the top 20 in that country and was founded in 1999. Alexandre Gama is professionally creative and an entrepreneur in the advertising and communications business. He was the first from Brazil to become the head of many…

Prominent Michigan Family Donates One Million to Kennedy Center Expansion

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The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has surpassed its fundraising goal of $125 million dollars for an expansion¬†project. As a matter of fact, since the fundraiser has gone so well, they have now moved the goal to include another $50 million dollars. The rather large expansion of the center will offer new…


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