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ConnectUs Automated Forms Are Changing The Face Of Corrective Institutions

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Securus Technologies has already revitalized communication throughout the prison industry. They started in 1987 based in Texas. In the fullness of time, they’ve come to work with some 2,600 separate correctional facilities across the United States. The solutions they provide have streamlined operations and infrastructure across the country, and now this top-tier organization has developed…

Bob Reina’s Initiative to Change the World

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  Changing the world takes a person who has the drive and motivation to help others. Humanity involves loving and caring. A simple donation goes a long way into helping unfortunate people strewn all over the globe access basic amenities to enable them to survive. Not everyone can afford a decent shelter, food, water and…

Bob Reina Networks the World Through Talk Fusion

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  The command of an idea is the ambition of innovation. Great things happen when an idea burns in the mind of one that doesn’t take no for an answer. Bob Reina is one of those people. He’s built his life around helping others from serving as a police officer to founder and CEO of…

Securus Upgrades THREADS To 3.1 Version With The Most Advanced “Big Data” Analytical Tool.

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As the industrial leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions on corrections, investigation, safety, and monitoring, Securus Technologies announced recently on that it had released the latest 3.1 version of THREADS as the most advanced and with full integration “Big Data” analytical tool in the corrections market in U.S. See the wikipedia…


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