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After going through five years of school and having to pass a particularly hard test, people who want to practice law in Brazil are then able to do so. They need to make sure that they are doing things the right way and they do not get a chance to practice law if they stop following the Brazilian Constitution. Similar to other constitutional articles that are used in different areas, the Brazilian Constitution does different things and helps people understand what is legal and what is not legal in the country that they are in. The Brazilian Constitution makes it hard for people to miss out on the laws that there are and that has changed the way that lawyers are able to practice. While there have been some changes to the constitution in Brazil, the majority of the articles are still the same as what they used to be in the past.

For people who are practicing law in Brazil, it is necessary for them to know what the Constitution means so that they will be able to continue practicing law and doing different things with the law firm that they are a part of. Ricardo Tosto is one of the people who helped to establish Brazilian Constitution and he has even done several things that have allowed him the chance to make sure that he can interpret it for other people who know very little about it and about the things that are going on in the legal world of Brazil.

When Ricardo Tosto was first starting law career, he decided to open his own firm. This was a relatively small firm and it was not something that was very popular during that time. Ricardo Tosto worked hard to make it better and allowed it to grow. He took on many high-profile clients. Now, Ricardo Tosto is one of the most popular attorneys in Brazil. His law firm is popular and he is dedicated to helping different people get all of the things that they need an attorney for while they are learning different things about the law.

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Michael Lacey is an American professor specializing in mathematics at the University of Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his first P.H.D from the University of Illinois in 1987 at the Urbana Champaign. This was preceded by one of his most prominent thesis on probability in Banach spaces which however was beginning to many other areas of interest him invested his time.

These included the ergodic theory he developed on after the probability thesis and the harmonic analysis which are still areas of interest to present.

After getting his P.H.D, Michael Lacey worked in various high-level institutions such as the Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a professor of mathematics. As honors for his dedication and discoveries, he received A National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship while at Indiana University from 1989 to 1996.

He extended his influence by working in conjunction with Christoph Thiele to solve the Bilinear Hilbert transformation theory which Albert Calderon was working on at the time, and they were awarded the Salem Prize.

Michael has continued to lecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996, and in the year 2004, he was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship together with Xiaochun Li for joint work. Since the year 2012, Michael became a full member of the American Mathematical Society.

He has also written several books such as ‘On a Conjecture of E.M, Stein on the Hilbert Transform on Vector Fields’, and several articles in mathematics and physics especially in ar xiv since the year 1999 to present. He is also the director of many training grants within the university especially the VIGRE and the MCTP awards by the NSF. These awards have supported many undergraduates, and he has mentored many postdocs. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

He is currently the chair of the National Alliance for Doctoral studies in the Mathematical Sciences. Also, he has enabled many students to progress to leading graduate programs as well as many P.H.D students who have joined in the academic and industrial careers across the globe. His current field of expertise is in pure mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Beneful is the finest dog food in the world today, and it is available at Walmart. The company has a special partnership with Walmart, and they offer a large range of foods and other products to dog owners the world over. Someone who wishes to purchase better food for their dogs may do so at any time, and they will find that this company offers something that no other can. There are many people who will benefit quite a lot from Beneful when they shop at Walmart.

#1: Beneful Has Many Varieties

The Beneful brand has many varieties that may be used by customers in any capacity they like. Someone who is new to the brand may try their dry food, wet food and treats, and someone who wishes to use one particular food will find it on the shelves of their local Walmart.

#2: The Price Is Competitive

Beneful dog food at Walmart is quite inexpensive, and it has a competitive price that anyone would want to try for themselves. Dogs will eat better because the price is low, and owners may buy more food for their money. This is one of the simplest way for the dog owner to care for their pets, and it will help them have more energetic and healthy lives.

Beneful has been one of the most-recognized brands in dog food for some time, and the company is growing every day in the way that it offers sustenance to pets. Owners may trust the brand and their low prices at Walmart, and they will find that they may purchase from the company at any time. The myriad of flavors and beautiful styles of food help dogs remain happy. Find a dry food, wet food or treat for each dog in the house when shopping at Walmart. To know more click here.

Dick DeVos is notably generous in organizing political endeavors in the Republican party, and has been doing so for many years. However, this is nothing compared to the exceedingly large sum of money he and his wife Betsy DeVos have donated to various charitable organizations over the course of his life. This total averages to be around 140 Million. This is quiet impressive considering they also generously give in other areas of society, including politics and education. Politics are at the lower end of their giving spectrum. He is also looking towards educational reform and the improvement of student’s education throughout the nation.


This is important because they believe that many children have been left behind regarding the “American Dream.” Often times we see that children become starved of the necessary educational environment that fosters a successful career. Mr. DeVos believes that there is a serious problem in the balance of various school systems, and that some children enjoy more privilege than others. This leads to a shocking imbalance that must be addressed to ensure that each child has a fair shot at making the most out of life. Through his remarkably sound judgement and implementation of donations, he has set the stage for change and hopes for each child receiving the attention they deserve.


Some criticize them for using these educational charitable endeavors to provide a smoke screen for their active political agendas. No matter where you go, someone will always hawk at you for something even if you’re giving donations from the bottom of your heart. DeVos insisted that the aim of the donations was to assist people directly, and not to serve a concealed political agenda. Given his lifetime history of donating and serving the community, he simply denies such accusations and is proud of what he has accomplished as a kind philanthropist.


Mr. DeVos is also known for his extensive donations to the arts and culture of society. This is encompassed in his establishment of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. This was specifically designed to strengthen the important business side of any arts organization, and help to ensure a brighter future for those students in the arts as well as those who are accomplished in the field already. He believes that High-Quality Management is crucial to any successful Arts Program.


Mr. DeVos started out on the path towards a prestigious job at his families Amway Corp. Then he started to find a passion for lobbying and promoting good causes through fighting a sports facility outside the central business district in Grand Rapids downtown. After discovering his effectiveness in creating change, he then went on to develop educational and political charities.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is only the third Chair of the board of directors of the RBS Group that was established by his Grandfather Mauricio Sobrinho Sirotsky in the 1950s. Better known as Duda Melzer, the Harvard graduate has become a popular figure in Brazil because of the innovations and technological success that has been achieved over the course of recent years by the leader of the RBS Group and its sister company, eBricks.

Duda Melzer has been looking for new ways of extending the reach of the RBS group over recent years, including the chance to explore the many different options open to the company in terms of technology; a dedicated traveler, Duda Melzer remains in contact with his colleagues at RBS via video chat and messenger apps that have reduced the need for physical meetings to take place that are often delayed by the needs of individuals to travel to attend.

Modernization has been an important aspect of the work of Duda Melzer as he has worked hard to make sure the RBS Group’s news media services are moving towards providing the best possible service for all customers to enjoy; among the updates undertaken to the news sector of RBS has been a dedicated move towards providing Online content available to consumers from across the globe.

Duda Melzer faces the future of the RBS Group by traveling between the different areas of support and needs for the RBS Group and eBricks, a period of success built upon the time Duda spent in New York City heading the Box Top Media company specializing in alternative technologies. After taking over as the head of the business interests of the Sirotsky family, Duda Melzer has looked to develop U.S. based interests in technology startups who are of both small and medium sizes.

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Anyone who wants to know what it takes and how it feels to lead a company of individuals, across the globe, whose skill and education range from entry level to MBA (Master of Business Accounting) should have a quiet conversation with OSI Group President, David McDonald.

David McDonald OSI Group makes an undoubtedly awesome living in his position with the organization and looks forward to even more growth in commerce on the horizon. In order to pull off his stellar job performance, set an example for service, remain cool under pressure, and stay one step ahead of the rigors involved with market trends, David has to keep a steady finger on the pulse of industry.


And, as many businessmen know, if the pulse of a company is to grow stronger, certain components, such as sustainability, flexibility and innovation, must be present in daily operations throughout the year. However, it takes a vision for profit and intellectual savvy to identify and apply business model concepts, in a world market that waits for no man. Fortunately, the OSI Group President David McDonald has a head for business deals and surrounds himself with colleagues who demonstrate just as much competence and power as he.

When it comes to the sustainability of OSI Group, the strategy McDonald uses is simple yet effective and just a bit paternal. The standard operating procedure for OSI is to meet with as many potential clients as possible, as early as possible in their commercial development, and connect with them idea wise about their needs. However, that is just the sewing of a seed. The harvest comes much later when their clientele grow with time and require more products, technology and service. With 50 or more OSI locations in 17 nation states worldwide, the men and women who represent and work for this company are more than ready to meet any customer’s growing needs.

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Among the many different specializations in medicine, Dr. Cameron Clokie specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc.;of which the main focal point of their research is musculoskeletal reconstruction.

He was a Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Toronto University and has held several positons on the advisory boards of many prestigious companies to improve the lives of patients around the world. When it comes to regenerative medicine, he is definitely the man to talk to; as he is quiet formidable in his field of research through the publishing of many articles and papers to further the advancement of scientific regenerative processes.

There is much buzz in the world today about the various diseases you can catch and the difficult overall conditions such as cancer. Many tend to overlook one of the most important aspects of being alive, and that is the very essence and health of our musculoskeletal structures and oral health.

Dr. Clokie recognizes the signs of regenerative medicine exploding into an extremely beneficial endeavor to ensure that each patient is given the accurate information to improve lives through regenerative medicine and the fruits thereof. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Bone reconstruction is not easy, especially with those who have been stricken with a disability from birth. The medicine in Dr. Clokie’s field are paving the way towards the future of understanding the implications of regenerative science and the human body.

His many achievements in the field herald a new age of discoveries fueled by his advanced knowledge of medicine and general knowledge about the industry. With such a dedication and passion for understanding the depths and complications of scientific regenerative medicine,

Dr. Cameron Clokie ensures a thorough list of achievements that will reinforce confidence in his opinion, or any questions about bone health and musculoskeletal structures in general. Dr. Clokie has established himself as a prominent leader in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and is frequently sought after for his creative prowess and keen insight in to business as well.

Anything relating to Oral healthcare and dentistry will surely be guaranteed when seeking his professional counsel.

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EOS offers a wide variety of lip balm flavors but among the most popular has to be Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Coconut Milk, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. With names like that, naturally they’re going to be on the more exotic end of the spectrum in not only their flavor but in their appearance, as well. EOS may be best known for their unique packaging – rounded shapes, almost resembling colorful Easter eggs in their muted and sleek design.

The feeling of holding an EOS pod is reminiscent to that of holding a smooth egg, as well, and come in a rainbow assortment of colors. Each colored pod accurately reflects what you are in store for, as far as flavor goes. While the pod shaped EOS containers are the most popular, most of EOS’s most popular flavors are also available in tubes, which are just as interesting to look at and are far from generic in design. Flavors like Blackberry Nectar have a white swirly design added to the outside of the pod’s whole shape, with a promise of a “cream-like” flavor for your lips,more fun facts here

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It’s interesting to not that Sweet Mint is likely to be the most popular flavor bought from EOS. Whether it’s the calming color of the seafoam green outer shell or the fact that many people absolutely love the cooling effect that mint has on their lips, each swipe promises a delightful experience each and every time it’s applied, hop over to this site, Sweet Mint is just one of the many flavors packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants that are good for your lips and safe when consumed. Not only that, but each of EOS’s product lines are dermatological tested, free of petroleum and harmful parabens, and guarantee soft, luscious lips for hours to come after every single refreshing application, shop and see more products here at


Taking a course on comparative constitutional law is much different from how it is practiced in the world today. While the field has grown dramatically over the last few years, it is interesting that there seem to be more battles concerning how specific constitutional systems operate. It seems that this last election year and all of the topics at hand have made students think more in-depth about how the law works, as well as constitutional law is upheld. There are some highlights to consider when choosing a course like this just to get a taste of what this field is like. Students would study the following areas:

  • Constitutional rights
  • A global and comparative perspective on law
  • Gives guidance to those who may wish to pursue a career
  • Contributions from legal scholars, judges, and expert political scietists

One of the greatest minds and foremost experts today in comparative constitutional law is Sujit Choudhry, and internationally recognized authority on this discipline. As the I. Michael Heyman professor at UC Berkley, Sujit holds one of the most prestigious titles in the university. He was the Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law from 2014 until 2016, and has also held prestigious roles at other universities including, New York University School of Law, and the Scholl Chair at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. More reading on  As a tenured law professor prior to his current roles, he has become a resource that law students can count on, and for other professionals in the field as well. Having resigned as the Dean at UC Berkeley School of Law in March of last year, Sujit still remains a public figure in the discipline of comparative constitutional law around the world. For updates on Sujit’s recent timeline activities, hit

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According to, having been born in New Delhi in 1970, he studied in a very different environment through the University of Toronto Schools. Sujit began making a name for himself in his field when he took a position in 1996 working with Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada. Continuing on in his career, he also spent time working in the United States for Harvard Law School, and obtained his B.A. from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar where he earned his LL.M. Related article on

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Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has not slowed down in his fight for human rights and equality for people all over the world. He has been active in liberal politics for decades and in the last presidential election, he contributed more than $25 million to super PACs that supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

He has been a consistent donor to Democratic candidates and now with Donald Trump in the White House, Soros has stepped up his efforts. During an appearance at the World Economic Forum, Soros accused then-candidate Trump of “doing the work of ISIS.”

Through his Open Society Foundation, George Soros contributes to those causes and organizations that support social justice. Whether it be supporting protester in Ferguson or helping refugees in Europe, Soros and OFS are fighting the good fight.

Soros has been continuously attacked by hatchet men from the right-wing political spectrum, but he continues his work unabated. Visit to know more about George.

Soros’s concern for those people who do not have a voice and are under the oppression of tyrannical governments comes from personal experience.

Born in Hungary in 1930, he grew up under Nazi occupation where, as a Jew, his family was persecuted. After WWII, Soros then lived under Communist rule when the Soviet Union took power.

As a teenager, Soros fled to England as a refugee and attended the London School of Economics. After graduating, he started his professional career in finance.

He became one of the richest men in the world with a net worth currently estimated at over $25 billion. But Soros has not sat back and counted his money. He is one of the most influential philanthropists in the world, having given away more than $12 billion so far.

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He has recently pledged to contribute $500 million in an effort to ease the refugee crisis currently happening throughout Europe. The funds will be earmarked for businesses and organizations that are owned by refugees and immigrants.

Funds will also be allocated to help refugees navigate the maze of red tape that currently exists in their sanctuary countries. The belief is that the sooner they can get settled, the sooner they can assimilate into their new country.

Soros will continue to support social justice and equality no matter what the political climate may be. With such a vast fortune, his work will continue long after he is gone. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

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