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Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Company a dealer investments involving long-term and special situations. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University. He has been able to work in various firms over the years which attest to his experience in investments and firms. His first company was Deursche Bank, where he dealt with high yield bonds and also worked on the bank’s non-investment debt. He then moved to Chanin Capital Partners, here he worked as an advisor to creditors in out of court and chapter 11 bankruptcy restructurings. After a while, Sahm Adrangi joined Longacre Fund Management where he was in charge of analyzing investments, just before founding his own company.

According to the Website, he issues a negative report on QuinStreet Incorporation, an online marketing company which was claimed to make its profits on a sham. Its revenues had been noticed to increase but then, Kerrisdale reported that, it is a low quality organization that uses internet clicks to boost its revenues while the management harvests the growth from single client. Additionally, Eastman Kodak Company, a company that majors in prints for commercial and imaging services announced to move to cryptospace, where they will use it to pay photographers.

Also, using blockchain technology, they will help to solve image copyright infringement. According to Kerrisdale’s, investment officer, Sahm Adrangi, the company was doing so in order to avoid collapsing. Another thing, he believes that the use of blockchain in the imaging is tiring and inefficient which one cannot do if they are in a good status.

Furthermore, Sahm Adrangi reports that, the company might be able to realize a decline of its revenues which will be an eye opener to the investors seeking to join the company. From the United States of America reports that followed, it was clear that Kodak Company was unable to launch their new product as it awaited investors to vet. Sahm Adrangi is a truthful experienced analyst who seeks to educate people so that they make informed choices.

Kevin Seawright is a financial expert and strategic strategist for Newark Economic Development Corporation. He has built a reputation around his economic strategies and leadership throughout the New Jersey area. His current title within the corporation is that of Vice President. His previous employment consists of accounts payable, budget management, payroll, and capital operations management. He graduated with a Masters of Business Administration degree in 2006 from Alameda University. Visit for more info.

Kevin joined the corporation in 2015 with the goal expanding economic development in the Newark area by attracting new business and implementing methods to help existing businesses maintain and grow. The corporation helps local business by providing tax breaks, discounted advertising options and growth opportunities for small business in the area.

Kevin Seawright serves not only as an active member of the business community but also in local government, real estate and youth activities. He serves as a mentor to the local African American community through the National Forum for Black Public Administration, The National Association for African American Accountants and also serves as a mentor for youth sports activities. He also serves as a board member for the Babe Ruth Museum. Kevin has strategic vision regarding serving his community on both a local business and community level.

With almost fifteen years of business expertise he has excellent knowledge and expertise that is a great benefit to the Newark community. He can be found actively on social media sites such as twitter, tumblr, and also on professional sites such as linkedin.

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For Paul Mampilly, producing impressive returns as a hedge fund manager has garnered him serious Wall Street credibility and much respect amongst industry leaders and peers in the financial world. Paul Mampilly got his start in finance in 1991, working on Wall Street. Paul Mampilly received large amounts of recognition by winning the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition by coming in first place in 2009, with a $50 million dollar portfolio, that he turned into $88 million. It was this 76 percent gain that helped him gain kudos from many peers and industry leaders who were keeping score. Visit the website to learn more.

Mampilly built his financial prowess starting out as an assistant portfolio manager with Banker’s Trust. Mampilly eventually accepted a larger, more prominent role, after his time at Banker’s Trust. Mampilly decided to take on the role that involved managing hundreds of millions of dollars in the healthcare milieu for Deutsche Bank. Mampilly also worked at ING Group, after his stint at Banker’s Trust. Paul Mampilly has had 25 years of financial experience and has also been a featured guest on Kiplinger, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV.

Paul Mampilly, in 2006, joined the financial asset management firm, Kinetics Asset Management. Not long after being hired by Kinetics, Mampilly increased the assets of this new firm to $25 billion dollars — up from an original $6 billion sum. Mampilly also managed the Royal Bank of Scotland’s account, Swiss bank accounts, and the Sears account, while at Kinetics. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

At 42, Paul Mamphilly to take an extreme change in directions. He settled on North Carolina as a place to relocate to and spend more time with his family. Mampilly also wanted to be a full-time writer, and leave the hustle and bustle of Wall Street, far behind. Currently, Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited. It is one of his three newsletters which are available from Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly also oversees True Momentumand Extreme Fortunes newsletters. Banyan Hill Publishing was founded in 1998 and is a subsidiary of Agora, Inc.

Paul Mampilly earned an MBA in 1996 from Fordham University. Following the publication of his Profits Unlimited publication, some of Mampilly’s stock picks has increased as much as 56 percent, 64 percent, and 73 percent in value. Mampilly also noted that the Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) bubble will burst, just like the stock bubble did in 1999. Check:


Louis Chenevert is an excellent businessman who has used his inmate business skills to turn a hefty profit. It is hard for him to pick out any one skill that is greater than the others since they all work together to create synergy. He would credit his tremendous focus with the relentless need to follow up on the project as one of the most important. He would also cite his passion to create game changing products and his ability to stay eternally optimistic. The majority of his time was spent making sure the agenda of the company was being fulfilled and he had no time to spend on internal politics. The last main thing he did to make the company success was guarantee that the key operational executives had everything at their fingertips to get the results required.

He began working for the United Technologies Corporation as the chief executive officer in the year 2006. He would later be promoted to the role of the president in 2008. He would secure the triumvirate of business by becoming the chairman of the board in January 2010.

He relentlessly pursued excellence at his company and made sure that the United Technologies Corporation was producing game changing products. He was capable of doing this while consuming less water and producing fewer emissions. He would urge other companies to follow his example.

During his time at United Technologies Corporation he was able to gain contracts with the government and work on military aircraft. This led to the military propulsion segment being changed in the F135 engine. The GTF engine was also developed by the United Technologies Corporation. It is widely known for its longer life span and a 50% reduction in noise output. When you combine this with a 20% better fuel efficiency it is no wonder that the government wanted so many of these in their aircraft.

He will be awarded several recognitions from various entities. The Alma Mater HEC of Montréal gave him an honorary doctorate and he was proclaimed person of the year by both Aviation Week and Space Technology magazines.

When someone thinks of railroads, what initially comes to their mind? Dated steam locomotives hauling pioneers across the American West, or maybe the newer bullet trains which take commuters through their day? While Europe has been blessed with a phenomenal network of modern rail transportation, the United States is not as fortunate. To many, the days great days of the railroad are long since passed, with the advent of air transportation and personal vehicles.

While many have accepted this as the natural progression of time, some, like Gregory James Aziz of National Steel Car, beg to differ. Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario sixty-eight years ago. While he started his lengthy and distinguished career at his family’s wholesale food business, he eventually purchased National Steel Car, a manufacturer of rail cars with a proud history. Founded over a hundred years ago, National Steel Car began its story in June 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car when it began to produce wood and steel freight cars.

Over time, National Steel Car expanded to create passenger cars. Throughout its history, National Steel Car and her employees have been proud to support their country and the values it represents. During both World Wars, National Steel Car converted some of its industrial facilities to produce critical wartime materials while letting its employees fight for a higher cause. While the company had a long, successful history, the 1980s introduced a time of much uncertainty for the company and railroad industry as a whole.


Since purchasing National Steel Car in 1994, Greg Aziz managed to increase production from 3,500 cars per year to well over 12,000 in just five years. With this increase in production, Aziz created over 2,400 jobs. As the years progressed, National Steel Car only improved. In 1995, the once purely Canadian company expanded to American markets while building a fifth product lane. Under Gregory James Aziz’s leadership, National Steel Car has been repeatedly awarded the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996 and consistently certified as ISO 9001:2008. Through his experienced business tactics and faithfulness to his company, Gregory James Aziz has renovated a historic company while improving North America’s industrial capacity.


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Jordan Lindsay’s company, JCL Capital Solutions, provides capital to a range of businesses. These businesses include those trying to raise money for their Initial Coin Offering, or ICO for short. Speaking of ICO’s, here is what is trending this year, as well as more information about Jordan Lindsay.

ICO: What Is Trending

Perhaps the trend that will continue throughout the rest of this year and next year is product funding via ICOs. The truth is that companies that have an existing company are more successful than those with an idea and a whitepaper. Gone are the days of ICOs being confined to the IT industry.

These days sectors of all kind are using blockchain tech to facilitate various activities. This includes the healthcare industry and NGOs. The bottom line is more companies are expected to use the blockchain to bring their products to the masses.

About Jordan Lindsay

He is a businessman and a trader, as well as the founder of JCL Capital. Not only is he a highly skilled algo trader, but he founded a number of financial services. He taught himself how to program and he is experienced with systems architecture. One venture he has founded is Bitcoin Growth Bot, which is a trading bot for a lending program.

Jordan Lindsay is originally from New York. However, he has lived in a number of other countries, including Mexico, Argentina and Bosnia. As for education, he studied at St. Joseph’s College and at Mount Angel Seminary.

The businessman believes the key to productivity is planning ahead and then making sure he follows through with completing his tasks. Instead of writing down tasks that need to be done, he visualizes his list. He starts with the most crucial tasks of the day and works down his list. Besides planning ahead, he eats healthy and exercises his brain.

Businesses of all sizes can apply for working capital through Jordan Lindsay’s company. JCL Capital Solutions and Mr. Lindsay are reputable and trustworthy. Contact his company today to find out how they can help you secure the capital you need to start or grow your business.

It is exciting for a person to start up a business and to help that business find success. There is a lot of time and energy that must be poured into a business when it is just starting out, and the one who is founding that business will give much of their time and effort toward helping it be successful.

Logan Stout is someone who knows what it is like to start up a business. He created IDLife, and he dedicated a lot of time toward getting that company going. He is still a part of IDLife, but his life is about more than the work that he does to keep his nutrition company going.

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Logan Stout is a father and he gives some of his time to his sons. He knows that the time that he spends with his sons is important just as the time that he spends helping out his business is important. He is a husband, and he is there for his wife. He does not let the work that he does for his business take over his life and pull him away from his family. He is a man who values his faith, and he likes to spend time reading his Bible each day. He also recommends that others read that book and learn from it.

There are people who keep their money for themselves. They find success and they are happy about that because then they have a ton of money that they can spend on their families. The businessman is someone who likes to give some of his money away. He is actively involved in multiple charities. The whole reason that Logan Stout got started doing the work that he does was to help others, and he uses some of the money that he earns to support charitable causes. Life is about more than the business that he runs, and he likes to give toward bettering the lives of others.


A modern-day entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor in the medical technology industry is Jason Hope. He currently runs his technology business in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he also attended college at Arizona State University to receive his finance degree and later on completed his Master’s in Business from the same school.

He is a Philanthropist with passion to give back to his community.

His contributions to tech development company aimed at anti aging research is known as the SENS Research Foundation. Their mission is to end age related diseases. They are headquartered in California and are currently working on new medicines to repair aging illnesses. The foundation also has other opportunities including student programs, summits, conferences, speaking and general advocacy.

According to Jason Hope, his organization takes on a different approach. They are focused on “finding cures, and breaking down the body”. He wants to develop science that is innovative and modern, while creating an image and sense of community for foundation.

In 2017, Jason gave back to a relative charities that fought the aging process, aid in the development of medication known as “AGE-Breakers” that affects a human’s skin and veins. Additionally, his contribution was in the amount of $500,000 which e hoped would be a success. The talented investor also reached out to Aubrey De Grey, who is the leader and CEO of SENS foundation, to discuss the same goals they have.

Jason Hope and his encouragement to others is to participate in your own organization to get involved by taking the following steps: finding your passion, figure out your location, access to time and money, and research. With these steps, you too can achieve your goals and by getting involved with your community you can get involved on only matters that are important, spread the word to younger generations and promote the concept of new ideas.

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Brazil has long been a great place for investors to make money. But the investment and banking laws in the country can be complex, so it is important to have an investment advisor that is familiar with the Brazilian system. For over three decades Igor Cornelsen has been the best person for people interested in investing in Brazil to turn to for help. Cornelsen has helped thousands of people to earn great returns on their investments by identifying companies that offer great investment opportunities and helping them to successfully navigate Brazil’s complex banking and foreign investment laws.

Igor Cornelsen is the ideal investment advisor. He spent over twenty years working in the Brazilian banking industry before leaving to start his own investment advisory firm. That experience has given him unique insight into the laws in Brazil that can have an impact on people’s investments. Cornelsen is also very familiar with the companies, industries and stock markets in Brazil and has a knowledge base few other investment advisors can match. Plus, he has a track record for success and a reputation among Brazilians for being the best person to turn to for investment advice. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Since the 1970s locals and foreigners alike have been able to depend on Cornelsen to steer them to the safest, most lucrative investment opportunities. The success Cornelsen has enjoyed is based on more than just his experience in the banking industry in Brazil. He is also known for doing in-depth research on companies around the globe before recommending that his clients invest in them. While other investment analysts base their decisions on second-hand information, Cornelsen has a reputation for basing his advice on the information he gleans from unbiased primary sources like Reuters.

If you are thinking about investing in Brazil, Brazilian companies on the international markets or simply want sage investment advice, Igor Cornelsen is the person with whom you should speak. He has been helping investors to make money in Brazil and in markets all around the world for almost 50 years. There’s no need to rely on inexperienced investment advisors. Get Igor Cornelsen’s advice. View:

Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure specialist has gathered details on Brazil’s country efforts in encouraging more public private partnerships. The federal government passed a law in 2004, that details the basic rules that govern the implementation of public private partnerships. Brazil has the 7th largest economy in the world, and the largest in Latin America and recently reported growth in the GDP. To continue this positive economic progress public private partnerships are becoming more and more popular in the country. Visit to learn more

Felipe Montoro Jens has reports on several examples in different states and cities of public private partnerships. In the state of Bahia, there is public private partnership scheduled to run until 2031. The public private partnership is called the Light Rail Vehicle Project or VLT. Light Rail Vehicle Project is set to upgrade 19 miles stretch, and included 21 stops. The VLT public private partnership project will affect over 1 million people. There is another public private partnership project underway in Piaui. The Piaui public private partnership is upgrading internet connective infrastructure. The public private partnership project is upgrading to fiber optic cables, and the installation of 1,500 access points. This public private partnership project will affect over 2 million Piauians and will cover the area from the southern end of the state up to the coast. Also in Piaui there is another public private partnership projects which is projected to improve the sewer network, and consists of 24 projects. The sewer public private partnership project network is scheduled to in the Teresina, the capital and increase from 24% up to 80%.

The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) is also currently planning the implementation of 57 projects and 22 sectors, as part of R $ 44 billion investment by the federal government of Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens detailed this investment will include infrastructure projects throughout the country in the form of airport solutions, road work construction project and other efforts to lessen the economic burden of the government. Felipe Montoro Jens learned the government company Infraero, who is currently responsible for managing all the major airports in the country will be auctioning about 13 airports to the private sector.



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